Our Leadership

Ron Kissel

Pastors Ron & Christine KisselSenior Pastor's Ron and Christine are a blessing and are one of the main reasons why people call Freedom Life Center their home Church. They have such a passion to raise up believers who love God and are empowered to reach this generation with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. They love to help everyone come into their ministry and destiny that God has called them to. They have been in the ministry for 37 years. They have two children and 6 grandchildren. They have pioneered 3 churches of which Freedom life Center being the most recent. They have Pastored and Evangelized for many years. They have a heart for the lost and dying and those that are trapped by addictions of any kind. God has given them a great vision for the community and tri-state area. They desire for people to be changed by the power of the Holy Spirit and become all that God has intended them to be.

Pastor Ron’s Messages are touched and anointed by the Holy Spirit and will help you live a powerful life for Jesus Christ. He works and moves in the gifts of the spirit and the prophetic and his preaching will release the presence and the reality of the Lord Jesus Christ into your life . He was set free from drugs and addictions at the age of 19 and is used by the Holy Spirit to help change the lives of those who have addictions and helping them be transformed by the power of God.

Pastor Christine has worked in area of Worship. She has led Worship for many years and has a great desire to empower women to become committed to finding their destiny in Christ. She has served in many area in the church Teaching ,Worship leading , Preaching and many other areas as she is willing to fill the need as it arises. She loves to pray at the altar and works in the gifts of the Holy Spirit.


Christine Kissel

Worship Leader/ Director/ Keyboard 

Christine is passionate about worship. She desires to create an atmosphere in which the Holy Spirit can move through the worship service and minister to everyone present. Christine believes worship is not just a Sunday morning experience but a way of life and she desire that everyone would have an encounter with His presence in a greater way than they have ever known during the Worship Service. 


FLCC Worship Team

Our worship consists of a group of musicians and singers who passionately love to worship God. They desire to help people enter into the presence of God through Praise and Worship. They believe a Worship encounter with Jesus changes everything!!

Christine Kissel: Worship Leader/ Director/ Vocalist/ Keyboard
Meredith Hurm: Worship  Backup Vocalist/ Bongos
Gloria Meredith: Worship  Backup Vocalist/ Keyboard
Delana Loesch: Backup Vocalist
Mellissa Schifferl: Backup Vocalist
Don Schifferl: Guitar
Wille Davis: Drums/ Bass
Mathew Wisnewski: Drums
Christian Hurm: Drums


Sharon Moutoux

Christian Education Director

Sharon comes to us with over 20 years of experience teaching children. She has taught children from age group 0-16. She desires to see that your children receive and an awesome experience with the Lord through worship time, Bible study and fun time. Sharon helps create a safe and loving experience for every child that enters a class here at Freedom Life Center Church


Keith and Andrea Wisnewski

Youth Pastor’s

Keith and Andrea are so excited about reaching the youth of our city. They have a deep burden for young people. They desire to see them on fire for the Lord Jesus Christ. They have an exciting time every time they meet. They love helping young people change their lives and fall in love with Jesus.


Lee and Alice Gates

New Converts / Addiction Program

Alice and Lee are so passionate about reaching and training new disciples for Christ. They have a heart for the souls of men and oversee those who have recently committed their lives to Christ as well as overseeing the Freedom form Addiction Program . Where lives are forever being set free from every kind of Addiction !!!


Don Schifferal

Men's Ministry / Men Talk

Don oversees the Men’s ministry . He is passionate and desires for men to ride up and take their place in the church, home and on the job and wherever the Holy Spirit desires to use them . He believes in dealing with the real issues men face today and loves to see them advance in the Kingdom of God


Denitha Oliver

Office Secretary

Denitha oversees many of the accounting areas in the church office . She helps assist the Pastor and other leaders in paper work, ordering materials and book-keeping. She is great help in the areas that she serves at F.L.C.C.


Dennis Meridith

Dennis Meridith oversees the Van Ministry. He has such a big heart for things of God. He loves seeing and helping people get to church and is available to serve the church in any outreach ministry that he can.  Dennis desires to see the Van Ministry grow so that more people can have a way to get to church and be part of an awesome service and hear the Word of God.


Jim and Kim Ogden

Jim and Kim Ogden head up the Hospitality Ministry. they are part of the follow-up team at F.L.C.C. They are ready to serve and make everyone feel that the are loved and cared for. They will help you get to any area in the church that you need help in. They serve with the Heart of Christ.